Is Iceland calling you? The Iceland-based Snorri programs are an immersive experience with the culture, people, language and landscapes of our ancestral homeland.

The Snorri Foundation is based in Iceland, a non-profit organization that operates two programs: the Snorri Program (for young people aged 18 – 28) and Snorri Plus (aged 30+). Co-operative partners are the Nordic Association and the Icelandic National League of Iceland.

The Foundation also co-operates with the Snorri West Program which is operated by the Icelandic National League of North America.

The Snorri programs all focus on the history of Icelandic settlers in North America. If you have Icelandic ancestors, if you are interested in the settlement history or just love to travel – the Snorri Program might be the one for you.

A third Snorri project, called Snorri Deaf, launched in September 2018, for people who are deaf and use sign language to communicate.

Grants and scholarships are available from many INLNA member organizations, Icelandic Roots, and private foundations. A general list is on the INLNA website. *note: the webpage is outdated, but the criteria for each organization is current.

The Icelanders of Victoria offers a scholarship/grant for the Snorri and Snorri Plus programs. Please contact us for more information and to receive a 2023 application.

The Icelanders of Victoria Snorri Grant/Scholarship 2023 application with a deadline of March 15, 2023, is downloadable here: Icelanders of Victoria Snorri Scholarship2023