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If you’re looking for ancestors, relatives, or famous people in Iceland’s history, this expansive English-language database is the best resource for Icelandic genealogy.

From the Icelandic Roots website, used with permission:


  • Icelandic Roots is maintained and verified by Icelandic descendants for you and your family.
  • Already started mapping out your family tree? We will collaborate with you to ensure your family gets connected to your ancestors and other branches you might not know about!
  • Don’t know where to start with your family tree? Are you unsure how to sift through ship lists, emigration papers, or newspaper archives? Our team of dedicated and expert volunteers will help you!
  • Trace your ancestors back to the settlement of Iceland and beyond!
  • Use the relationship calculator to make real family connections.
  • Icelandic Roots is 100% not-for-profit. All fees go towards maintaining the secure database, acquiring genealogical assets, and funding our scholarships
  • There are so many more reasons to join us, come find out for yourself!

Maintaining a current annual membership in any Chapter Club of Icelandic National League of North America (INLNA) which includes the Icelanders of Victoria entitles you to a discount on your Icelandic Roots subscription. Please see our Membership page for more information on how to join the Icelanders of Victoria.

Your membership and support are key to the continued success of the Icelandic community on Vancouver Island. Our purpose is to keep our Icelandic heritage alive and thriving.

Find out more on our Membership page.

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