Membership is open to people with Icelandic heritage, and people without Icelandic heritage who have an interest in Icelandic history and culture.

Your membership helps to ensure the purpose and mission of the Icelanders of Victoria continue to thrive. Our Constitution states:

The purposes of the Society are to promote Icelandic culture and traditions by:

  • Facilitating Icelandic Language classes
  • Celebrating an annual Thorrabl√≥t and Independence Day Picnic
  • Holding at least four (4) social evenings a year where we can enjoy our Icelandic Heritage
  • Other activities that promote an interest in the Icelandic Culture and Traditions.

The club is a registered society in British Columbia, Canada, and a member of the Icelandic National League of North America.


  • Receive advance notice of special visitors and events
  • Discount on annual Thorrabl√≥t tickets
  • Opportunities to meet other “Western Icelanders” – the name given to all the Icelandic people who emigrated to the Americas, and their descendants
  • Finding a cousin or two and getting to know them, and making new friends
  • Travel opportunities through the Snorri programs or group tours hosted by Icelandic Canadians
  • Scholarships available for members who are Snorri participants and/or for members studying at a recognized university or college


Annual Membership is from January 1 – December 31.

Membership Type:

Family  $30          Single  $20          Student  $10          Couple  $30

Senior (Over 65, single or couple)  $15

Membership Form: