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We Welcome Your Membership

Membership is available to persons from Iceland, persons of Icelandic descent, or anyone who shares an interest in Icelandic culture.

Annual memberships are due in January, and the fees are as follows:

  • Seniors (couple or single) $15
  • Single $20
  • Family (parents & children) $30
  • Student $10

To join the Icelanders of Victoria, please download, print and complete our Membership Form:  

You can also complete the Membership Form at any of our events. If you are on our e-mail list, you will receive event notifications for: Icelandic guest lecturers at UVIC, upcoming events (Christmas Social, Independence Day Picnic, Thorrablot, Scandinavian Christmas Craft Fair, events for/with visiting Icelanders, Icelandic movies, concerts), et cetera!  Please feel free to attend the events, even if you are not interested in becoming a member but do have an interest in all things Icelandic, or have Icelandic heritage. You can subscribe to our News & Events by submitting the form on the right side of the page.

Members get a reduced rate for Thorrablot tickets!

For more information please contact our Mailing List Coordinator

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