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Our next event is the annual Iceland Independence Day picnic. The official Independence Day is June 17th. This year June 17th is a Monday, but we always celebrate on the date. The location is not announced on the website. This event is a potluck. Please contact us for more information.




Icelandic Film: Woman at War

Woman at War - Icelandic film

Cinecenta - University of Victoria

Thursday April 4, 2019 : 7:00 pm & 9:00 pm

Friday April 5 and Saturday April 6, 2019 : 3:00, 7:00, and 9:00 pm

This Icelandic film sold out at the Victoria Film Festival - The Icelandic director Benedikt Erlingsson’s “Woman at War” is a wry, idiosyncratic comedy that communicates important topical messages while never being less than a joy to watch. Halla is a mild-mannered, middle-aged choir mistress who seriously dabbles in ecoterrorism. A Tai Chi enthusiast, a fan of Gandhi and Mandela, and an excellent saboteur, she invokes ancestral law and messes with hydro towers in her quest to make her ruggedly beautiful land safe for future generations, which happen to include a small child from Ukraine she seeks to adopt as a single mother. Filmmaker Erlingsson has a flair for the absurd – a sousaphone-based trio pops up here and there – and a deft touch with social commentary and political satire. – Globe and Mail


UVSS Students:  $5.75    (only $4.75 for 9pm shows or later)

Seniors (65 & older), Children (12 & under):  $5.75

UVic Alumni, Faculty, Staff and guest (1 only) of above:  $6.75

Cinemagic Members: $6.75

Non-Members:  $7.75

MATINEES  (all seats):  $4.75


Þorrablót      Saturday March 9, 2019

Thorrablót is our mid-winter feast, this year on Saturday March 9, 2019. Along with the familiar carved roast beef and carved roast lamb and all the trimmings, you'll enjoy traditional Icelandic cuisine. And the very best Kaffi!

We regularly screen Icelandic movies and documentaries. Free admission, anyone can come! Watch for the announcements on the Upcoming Events page, or subscribe to our News & Events to receive advance email notifications.

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