The Snorri Program

Discover your Icelandic roots…

Snorri Program - image: The Snorri Foundation

The Snorri Foundation is a non-profit organization that operates two programs: the Snorri Program & Snorri Plus.  Co-operative partners are the Nordic Association and the Icelandic National League of Iceland.

The Foundation also co-operates with the Snorri West Program which is operated by the INL of NA.  For information on applications and deadlines, visit The Snorri Foundation.

The Snorri Program

A unique opportunity for young people (18-28) of Icelandic origin living in Canada and the United States of America, to discover their roots in a six-week summer program in Iceland.

Snorri Plus

A two-week cultural program in August for those who are over 30.  It is suitable for people of Icelandic descent and people who have true passion for Iceland.

Snorri West

For Icelandic youth 18-28 who want to travel to  the Icelandic settlements in Canada and the United States for four weeks during mid-summer.