Local Links



W.D. Valgardson : General articles by W.D. Valgardson but also many about Iceland and Icelandic North American society and history

Icelanders of Victoria : Facebook page of local events and items of general interest

The Beck Trust : Source for lectures on Icelandic history, art, music, literature, film, culture, folklore, society

MyNDIR : My Norse Digital Image Repository : Dr. Trish Baer’s ongoing project that formed part of her work for her Interdisciplinary PhD (2013) in the departments of English and History in Art at the University of Victoria, Victoria, BC.

Vesturfarar :  The Icelandic television program in the series of ten called Vesturfarar hosted by Egill Helgason. In this program Bill Valgardsson and Fred Bjarnason were interviewed about local Icelandic emigrants.



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